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Indian - Sport Scout (1941)

  • Kit Manufacturer: Gunze Sangyo, Japan
  • Major Material: Plastic, Die-Cast Metal
  • Model Specifications: 1:12 Scale High-tech Model
  • Work Experience: Nice kit, with high quality injection plastic parts and high precision Cast Metal parts. Be prepared to drill many tiny holes (0.5mm or less) on various parts though.

Historical Note: From 1901 to 1953, Indian produced a long line of famous, powerful motorcycles that won the heart of not only America, but also that of all the nations of the world. Their progressive designs and abundant use of creative technologies made the Indian a machine an all-out leader over European models in both performance and quality. A repaid succession of new technologies were developed, such as the replacement of the leather drive belts which were the norm at the time by the world's first metal drive chain, making the Indian the king of the motorcycle world. The popularity of the indian extended even as far as Japan, where its tremendous popularity continues enen today where it is remembered among motocycle fans as the summit of development in the world of big, powerful, bikes. (by Gunze)

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