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Kitty Hawk - Wright Brothers' Flyer (1903)

  • Kit Manufacturer: Revell-Monogram (U.S.A)
  • Major Material: Plastic
  • Model Specifications: 1:39 Scale
  • Work Experience: This all plastic Monogram Classics kit was first released in March of 1958 as kit number PA30, and was continuously produced without changes until 1977. At first it was suspected that one can not expect too much from such an old kit, but then I found that the parts are actually molded and injected smoothly and fits well. The most difficult part during the assembly, as indicated in the instruction manuel, should be the rigging. However for any sailing ship modeler, the rigging is really only a piece of cake. I spent most of the time on painting to achieve the weathering effects. It took me about two weeks building this model, on the basis of two to four working hours per day.

Historical Notes: Modern aviation presents us with a wide spectrum of fascinating flying machines. From the adventurous world of "ultra lights" to the remarkable flights of the Space Shuttle, mankind has mastered the air in less than a century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, these wonders were merely dreams, and this unyielding fascination with flying was born on the wind-swept outer banks of North Carolina in 1903. The Wright Brothers of Ohio were fascinated with the challenge of flying, and their determined efforts culminated in mankind's first powered flight in a heavier-than-air creation on December 17 th, 1903. The original Wright Flyer was an unwieldy machine at best. It was powered by a four cylinder engine mounted on the wing alongside the pilot and utilized chain-drive to power two large propellers. A rail-like launching track was used to enable this historic biplane to take to the air in a historical event that is recognized as the birth of modern aviation.

North Carolina's seacoast is a barren and wind-swept vista during the winter months, and you can imagine the scene as Orville Wright eased his body onto the wing of their aircraft. To the adulation of his brother, Wilbur, and a handful of spectators and assistants, this amazing creation clamored into the air for twelve seconds and flew only 120 feet; less than the wingspan of a modern airliner. This first flight was followed by a second flight that lasted approximately one minute, and the aircraft traveled more than 850 feet. Today, this historic flying machine is one of the most treasured displays in the National Air and Space Museum located in Washington D. C., USA. Suspended above the main entrance, the Kitty Hawk, named for the site of its first flight, shares its fame with such memorable creations as the "Spirit of St. Louis" and an Apollo spacecraft. Surely, the achievements of this aviation relic may seem small, but this is the aircraft first enabled man to fly with the birds and fulfill a centuries-old dream.

(From Monogram)

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