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US Sherman Tank M4 A3 E8

  • Kit Manufacturer: Tamiya
  • Major Material: Plastic
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Rarity: High
Model Specifications:

It is believed that this kit was produced in the late 1970s or early 1980s. At that time Tamyia produced each of their 1/35 tank kits in three versions or classes, the high end version is equipped with dual motors and wired remote control box as this one, and the box art is actually an oil painting represents a war scene; the middle class ones is also motorized but only with one motor and without the remote control, the box art is reduced to a plain painting of the vehicle only; the third class kit contains only the parts for building a statically display model, and the box art is the same as that of the middle class. The first and second class ceased production in the 1990s, therefore they are now rare sought after items.

Historical Notes:

Since Normandy landing, the U.S. forces marched forward to Germany, carrying away all Germans before them until in December, 1944, they suffered a crushing defeat at the Ardennes region in France under the fierce counterattack by the enemy ("Battle of the Bulge"). The U. S. 101th Airborne Division and the 10th Armored corps were critically surrounded at Bastogne by the German forces when they got out of danger with the aid of the 3rd Army which rushed to the scene when informed of their critical situation.

With the success of the rescue operation, the U. S. forces were able to have a chance to restore their falling fortunes. Right at the critical juncture, the M4A3E8 Sherman tank, the newest type of the M4 medium tank, made a gallant appearance at the spearhead of the 3rd Army under the command of Lieutenant General Patton, who was said to be the most gifted with a superhuman skill in fighting battles of armored forces among all the U. S. Army commanders.

There are more than 30 different types of the M4 Sherman medium tank including the T-6 manufactured for trial. The M4 officially adopted in October, 1941, and the M4A3 adopted in 1942. The M4A3E8 which crowned its first campaign with success and gave a chance for the surrounded U. S. forces to gain victory, especially differed greatly from a series of the former Shermans in its reinforced equipments. It was equipped with a large revolving gun turret, a 76mm gun of high initial speed and a new level suspension mechanism. It was, in fact, the last type of the M4 tank series.

The number of the M4A3E8 produced at the Chrysler's tank plant in Detroit, which had also been called "Easy Eight", amounted to 1445 during the period from September, 1944, to January, 1945. Besides, most of the 1,925 M4A3s each equipped with a 76mm gun had been remodeled into the M4A3E8 type during the Korean War, replacing their narrow-gauged caterpillars and vertical suspension mechanisms with wide-gauged and level ones respectively.

It is also said that at about the same time, a part of the M4A3s equipped with 75mm guns had likewise been remodeled into the M4A3E8 type by replacing their gun turret, caterpillars, and suspension devices with those of the later type. The M4A3E8s which had been placed with the mechanized divisions at the fronts since August, 1944, was active as main-strength tanks in various central European fronts during the later half of the World War and later in the Korean War as well.

Essential Specification of the M4A3E8:

  • Weight: 33t
  • Number of crew: 5
  • Overall length: 5.88m
  • Overall width: 2.98m
  • Overall height: 3.02m
  • Distance from the lowest part to the ground: 0.335m
  • Length of ground portion: 3.73m
  • caterpillar width: 0.61m

by Tamiya


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