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Viking Ship - Oseberg (850 A. D.)

  • Kit Manufacturer: Billing Boats, Denmark
  • Major Material: Wood with plastic fittings
  • Model Specifications: 1:25 Scale; Length 86.5 cm, Height 44.5 cm, Width 20.5 cm.
  • Work Experience: After finished the HMS Victory, I decided to build a different kind of sailing ship. I bought this Viking ship model because its unique shape. At the first glance, this entry level kit from Billing Boats seems should be pretty easy to construct, as all the wooden parts were pre-cut, including the hull planks. However, the instruction book only gives general wood ship building tips. Except rough sketches, it doesn't contain any step by step building instructions. This makes me made several stupid mistakes at the beginning, such as misaligned the main frame, and which almost ruined the model. The lesson that I've learned is "Never think anything is too easy, there are always some hidden tricks." It took me about two months to build this kit on a 2 to 4 hr/day base.

Historical Notes:

"Osebergskibet" is one of the oldest well-preserved Viking ships discovered to date. It was found in Norway near Oseberg in the county of Westfold in 1903, resting on a "bed" of blue clay and covered with peat and many stones.

The ship was built in the latter half of the 9th Century and was buried approximately 50 years later. It is 21.58 meters long and was obviously a luxury and pleasure vessel. The timber holding the lower part of the mast - the mast partners - is not nearly as solid as in other ships. Whether this was because the ship was designed for sailing in peaceful coastal waters only or because Scandinavian shipbuilders has come no further than this stage, can not be ascertained with certainty.

The Oseberg ship is approximately 50-100 years older than other Viking ships found. It lay low in the water and was no doubt a rather perilous ship when travelling under sail. (By Billing Boats)

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