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The Christie - American Steam Fire Engine (1900)

  • Kit Manufacturer: AMT, U.S.A
  • Material: Plastic
  • Model Specifications: 1:12 Scale
  • Work Experience: Briefly, a low priced plastic model, and you got what you've paid for.

Historical Notes: The Christie steam pumper was the backbone of America's fire fighting organizations prior to World War I. It was unique in that it was gas engine driven and it also employed front wheel drive. The unit served in most of the major cities across the United States during the early 1900s. The Christie was actually a modernization of the oldturn-of-the-century horsedrawn steam pumpers. Walter Christie, a famed race car designer, and "Father of Front-Wheel-Drive Technology" designed a gas driven tractor to pull the old steam pumpers and therby extend their useful lives. His tractor design worked so well that the colorful old steam pumpers were used until well into the gasoline engine era. The presented model is based on an actual vehicle which was restored during the 1970's by the volunteers of Community Fire Company No. 1 in Wayne, New Jersey. (by AMT)

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