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Armed Launch (1803)

  • Kit Manufacturer: Mantua Model - Panart (Italy)
  • Major Material: Wood
  • Model Specifications: 1:16 Scale
  • Work Experience: This appears to be a plank on frame model, but actually it is constructed by using the plank on bulkhead method. Three layers of planks were layout on precut bulkheads to form the basic shape of the hull, the bulkheads were then removed and false ribs were added accordingly to simulate the frame. The materials provided in the kit were of high quality but somewhat short in quantity. That is to say, you must be very careful to avoid any mistake if you don't have supplies of your own. Most of the wooden fittings have to be scratch built from walnut strips and blocks, to this end, the Unimat 1 module power tool system again proved to be indispensable. The most frequently used modules were the wood turning lathe, disk sander, and horizontal milling machine. On the basis of 2 to 4 working hours per day, it took me about 9 months to build this model.

Historical Notes: This type of 10 meters long armed launch was used by the different navies during the 19th century. These launches were armed with naval guns of different calibre and type; in the bow section a cannon or carronade was installed while in the stern two more light, small cannons were placed to be aimed by hand.

Usually, these boats were employed in coastal patrols or in escort services but, also demonstrated their wartime capacity in surprise actions attacking craft in difficulty or anchored or at roadstead. Due to their remarkable manoeuvrability, they were also in great numbers employed during landing actions, preceeding the main fleet which moved slower and was more vulnerable.

The bow cannon, placed on a wooden structure, attached to the first benches, slid back and forth, recoiling on two slits made on the two carrying guides and was manoeuvred by two forward and aft placed tackles. The marksman occupied himself to raise the cannon while the helmsman was responsible to align the bow at the target. Mast and sail during the surprise actions were lowered on the benches to proceed and use the oars and to delay as long as possible the interception from the part of the enemy. (From Mantua Model)

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