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Alfa Romeo - Spider Touring Gran Sport (1932)

  • Kit Manufacturer: Pocher, Italy
  • Major Material: Plastic
  • Model Specifications: 1:8 Scale, Lenght 510mms, Width 220mms, Height: 170mms
  • Work Experience: You will need a lot of patience to assemble this model. The plastic parts are not well injected or aligned, therefore requires lots work to make them fit each other. Besides, the self tapping screws provided in the kit are somewhat brittle, so must be turned very carefully to prevent them from broken in the middle of the plastic parts.

Historical note: The model reproduces the spider-bodied two seater version of the 8C 2300 Alfa Romeo which was built in limited numbers between 1931-1934 for selected Italian and foreign customers who demanded a car with essentially sporting characteristics. Initially Alfa Romeo, followed by Ferrari, produced a sprint verison which competed in the unforgettable "Mille Miglia" (thousand Mile Race) a number of times, as well as numerous other road races and hill climbs. Driven by top professional and amateur drivers, it won an exceptionally large number of events in its class and overall. In the 1931-32 sesons, the 8C 2300 Spider took part in 78 races; it won 32, was second overall in 25, and third overall in 16. It won in its class in 12 races. Among the total of 188 cars produced between 1931 and 1934, 101 are still in existence, either being driven by vintage car enthusiasts, or shown in museum or privite collections. The structural elegance of the engine, the harmonious lines of the bodywork produced by Touring, together with the brilliant acceleration and braking, which was highly valued by the sportsmen of the time, made this Alfa Romeo a legendary car.(by Luigi Fusi)

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